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People who have tried to quit using cigarettes often find the task extremely difficult. A great way to help quit smoking is by turning in cigarettes for an electronic cigarette. Also known as e-cigarette or e-cig, this personal vaporizer has been found by multiple medical studies to have similar affects as nicotine gums, patches, and NRT therapy. Even though the FDA decision on how e-cigs should be regulated, recent studies from 2012 to 2014 showed supportive results of the alternative smoking device.

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Despite the Gridlock Over Electronic Cigarettes Between Politics and Big Corporations, the Number of Satisfied ‘Vapers’ Has Done Nothing But Continue Increasing

Smokers who have exclusively used e-cigs for years (I can’t believe that this is barely the fifth year of converting) haven’t had any regrets of dropping cigarettes. I personally haven’t heard of anyone wanting to go back to smoking cigarettes after trying out e-cigs. It’s kind of amusing when new smokers become surprised at how e-cigs are effective in imitating and producing better smoke than cigarettes. When new converts find the right e-cig for themselves, they immediately forget about cravings for traditional cigarettes.

This is where E-Cigarette STARS becomes handy. I want to share my expriences with over 20 electronic cigarette brands over the years, from the plethora of generic brands to the various models and configuration one can do to their e-cig. The website is continuously growing with product write-ups, guides on using e-cigs, and information on the vaping community. In addition, E-Cigarette STARS also provide discounts, promotional deals, coupon codes, and even giveaways from the top e-cig brands.

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Electronic Cigarette, E-Cig, Smokeless Cigarette, Whatever You Want to Call Them- The “Electronic Smoking” Movement is Gaining Speed and Power

The FDA still hasn’t approve the statement of electronic cigarettes as a “safer and less harmful” alternative to cigarette smoking. Even then, many e-cig brands do not claim that their products will help decrease the negatives of smoking. However, there have been many anecdotal evidence that former smokers that have converted to e-cigs were able to successfully eliminate tobacco cravings and habits.

The Following are Legit Electronic Cigarettes Reviews That Can Help You Figure Out the Right E-Cigarette for You. Find Out the Truth About the Best Brand of E-Cigs so You Don’t End Up Wasting Money.

To put it simply, an electronic cigarette works by using a battery that heats up a thing called a cartomizer. As the cartomizer heats up, a cartridge filled with e-liquid begin to produce vapor. This e-liquid contains nicotine and often comes in a flavor. The percentage amount of nicotine in the e-liquid is measured in milligrams per milliliter, however, customers can opt to buy liquid without nicotine. The vapor produced is what users inhale.

When a smoker exhales after inhalation, a cloud of vapor is released. This looks like smoke but in actuality the cloud is actually small droplets of vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, flavorings, and water. Unlike second-hand tobacco smoke that releases hundreds of dangerous chemicals, the materials that make up the vapors can be used as food additives and so far has not been shown to have any long-term negative effects.


The Electronic Cigarette Market Offers a Wide Range of Options in Terms of Choosing the Right E-Cigarette and Which Brand to Purchase

E-Cigarette STARS is dedicated in helping people who are interested in converting to the vaping lifestyle. We will help you find the best electronic cigarette brand that fits your own needs and lifestyle. Searching for an e-cig on your own can be intimidating because there are a lot of variations that newbies may not even be aware of. There are e-cigs for all kinds of smokers.top E-CIG Brands

For example, a heavy smoker that usually goes through multiple packs of cigarettes everyday will most likely be searching for an e-cig that has the strongest nicotine content to replace cigarettes. The beginning phases of converting to vaping is finding the right e-cig that has negligible differences compared to traditional cigarettes. This is because not being able to notice any differences can satisfy and crush cravings.

That’s just one aspect of vaping! We haven’t even gone into the different flavors and models of electronic cigarettes!

Disappointments can happen when a person just randomly buys an electronic cigarette that is outdated and doesn’t fit his or her needs and lifestyle. The team at E-Cigarette STARS realizes that every person is unique and that the one perfect electronic cigarette for everyone doesn’t exist. To help customers find the right e-cig, we not only breakdown and review proven brands, we further search for the best rated electronic cigarettes and give you options that match your needs.

We frequently update our E-Cigs Buyers Guide and the E-Cigarette Brand Comparison Charts series. These two guides are great as they address the differences of each brand. These constantly updated guides are just two examples of how we inform our readers about electronic cigarettes. E-Cigarette STARS is growing everyday and have more content than other review websites.

SmokeStik Slick Starter Kit - PITBULL Stainless Steel Model

SmokeStik Slick Starter Kit – PITBULL Stainless Steel Model

Get Expert Insight and Advice From Users that Have Years of Personal Experience with E-Cigs and Vaping

We are former smokers that have converted into the vaping community. Each of us have experienced life-changing benefits since giving up the tobacco stick. Vaping has been, in my opinion, more fun than traditional smoking. All the hype around electronic cigarettes are well-deserved. We not only try to make people see the benefits of switching to e-cigs, we also try to make those people knowledgeable in the market so they can have a satisfying vaping experience. We want to help people avoid the frustrations and disappointment on wasting money on shameful off-brand e-cigs that are too common in the market.

One of the best ways for new people to get involved in the vaping community is to purchase an E-Cigarette Starter Kit.

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These are popular for both newbies and veterans alike because each kit provides great savings by bundling essential components in one purchase. The only con that I can see with starter kits is that uninformed customers may end up buying a wrong kit. You don’t have to worry about that because we are here to help make deciding which kit is right for you. Starter kits are usually the most expensive part of purchasing an electronic cigarette. After the high upfront cost, the amount of money saved compared to buying cigarettes begin to add up.

Each e-cig model has components that are different from one another. This includes the battery life, the amount of e-liquid the cartomizer can hold, and the lifespan of the e-cig. Starter kits often include batteries and a charger, cartridges, and atomizers, or a combination of both aptly called customizers. Those e-cigs you see at gas stations are built with proprietary components that are practically impossible to replace.

I would recommend these disposable models for people that are still iffy about committing the money for a more expensive high-end model. However, keep in mind that a proper starter kit will provide the optimal vaping experience. Another benefit that you can only notice once it happens is that once you finish one cartridge, you have replacements in the starter kit and won’t need to go back to regular smoking. Browsing brick-and-mortar stores for electronic cigarettes can yield in unsatisfying results because of the very limited and lacking selection. Also, since these physical stores don’t have to worry about competition, their prices are often highly inflated. That is why we recommend buying electronic cigarettes online rather than in-store.

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A great electronic cigarette brand has good ratings from multiple sources and offers the highest quality components.

You won’t have to worry about high rated e-cigs because they have have been thoroughly tested and produced positive outcomes. Here at E-Cigarette STARS, we place significant time to review every electronic cigarette brand and provide the most honest report by our experienced vapers, like James who has over four years of personal experience of vaping from varying sizes, shapes, and models.

Since our keep growing every day, we want our readers, including you, to be more involved with E-Cigarette STARS. We are launching a few giveaways of starter ktis, e-liquid, and gift certificates within this month. We want to encourage readers to share their vaping experiences and testimonials. Our site also prides itself in allowing other readers to share their summaries of their e-cig experience with other readers side-by-side. Sugarcoating reviews is not what we do, so we allow our readers to provide their own opinions for others to see. We believe this is a great way to make a trusting community.

Before making any purchases, we encourage you to first read, or at least skim, our E-Cig Brand reviews and consider every options that are available.

We provide the benefits and negatives of each brand that is offered. In addition, we showcase any unique qualities and characteristics that is specific to a certain brand. An example of each unique quality to an e-cig is that some cases are made for specifically to be used on the road and made to be portable. Another example is that one brand offers a selection of high nicotine carts that might be of interest to heavy smokers that need to have their nicotine fix during the first months of switching to electronic cigarettes.

Some of the best electronic cigarettes are designed in a way that makes them compatible with other brands. Meaning that one component of brand A will work with the electronic cigarette from brand B. Our guide makes not of this whenever that is the case. Knowing which brands provide a pseudo-universal electronic cigarettes is great because you can purchase one a starter kit from one brand and buy other items, for example flavor cartridges, from a different vendor. This allows you to have even more options in making your e-cig unique to yourself. You can buy cross-compatible cases, portable charging cases (a case that charges your e-cig wherever you are), and other prefilled cartomizer from brands that you enjoy.

Our guide will soon be updated by providing more complementary reviews on which e-cig brands and models are cross-compatible with others. We believe knowing which brands are cross-compatible with other brands is great for newbies and veterans. There is a heightened sense of flexibility when you know which e-cigs can be used with other components.


The Best Electronic Cigarette is One that is Complements You

In order to run an effective review website, we need to commit ourselves to you, the reader, and earn your trust. To do this, we provide in-depth reviews, blog posts, and buyer guides. As the electronic cigarette industry continue to grow because of healthier options and reduced exposure to dangerous chemicals, more and more products are sure to come out. These new products will help get rid of the unhealthy habit, hopefully, permanently.

E-cigarettes have become one of the most revolutionary alternative to tradition cigarette smoking. Millions of smokers have turned to a healthier lifestyle ever since they have converted to using e-cigs, and that is just within America. Take it from our and our readers’ experience and opinions on the alternative to smoking. We will try to make the transition from traditional smoking to vaping smooth and fun.

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E-Cigarette STARS can guide you through all the variety and options of electronic cigarettes. We promise that you will not second guess yourself once you start vaping. It is a smart choice that will produce beneficial outcomes to your health. Let us help you turn to vaping and finally get rid of tobacco from your life.