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Our reason for founding this site was a simple one and it is a promise we present to you. You have many choices for where to get information on e-cigarettes, vaping and the revolution in smokeless cigarettes like Star E-Cig Brands – we thank you for giving us a chance and checking out our still new site. Our aim is to simplify and clarify what is a confusing topic for most and thus our clear and constantly updated top ’Star E-Cig Brands List’ will be a cornerstone of the site. That aims to be a go to source of buying advice and help for new ecig users primarily who need the straight no BS goods on what the best e-cig brands are, why, which is most suited to their unique needs and the lowest prices should they choose to buy from our recommended brands.


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E-Cigarette technology

Since the inception of the E-Cigarette not too long ago the changes in technology have come at a constant non-stop pace. What once looked exactly like a real cigarette and barely provided much vapor now comes in hundreds of different forms from square box mods to round with large tanks for e-juice and even re-buildable atomizers. And the vapor looks like something out of an old Cheech and Chong Movie. As more and more innovations and improvements to the technology of vaping roll out its become apparent and ever more important to have a source of quality information on everything vaping. When it comes to reviewing e-cigarettes, e-juices and e-cigarette accessories you need to be able to trust that information and the people bringing it to you. We review the best e-cigarettes out there; its what were known for and what we do best!

This journey usually starts with someone wanting to kick the cigarette habit and get healthy. Sometime in between that thought and looking at the available alternatives the E-Cigarette comes into the picture and while the e-cigarette has been in the news a lot over the past few years the uninitiated has usually only been exposed to the fear mongering or the slick sales pitch from the not so great toy like e-cigarette companies out there looking to make a quick buck. Unfortunately most of us started vaping with one of those cigarette clone devices that barely worked and were in the trash can within a week. Today is another story, there is a plethora of outstanding vaping devices out there for the beginning vaper all the way through to the most experienced and getting that information out to those that need it is key to keeping e-cigarettes at the forefront of the smoking revolution.

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Smoking is slow suicide

Smokers have an up – hill battle in most cases because they have had the habit long enough that they have become addicted to nicotine. Its no accident that they have become addicted because the traditional cigarette is the perfect delivery device for nicotine. The tobacco is burned and the particles of nicotine become attached to particles of tar and they are deposited deep into the lungs where they are absorbed into the blood stream and make it to the brain to trigger pleasure receptors.

Scientists have studied nicotine and how it travels in the body for decades and have tried to duplicate triggering these receptors every way possible including direct injections of nicotine into the brain and yet the lungs have shown that they are the best at getting nicotine to the receptors in the brain the fastest and in the strongest concentration.

Of course having the perfect vehicle to deliver the nicotine is important but the cigarette companies used science to take that even further by adding chemicals to the tobacco that enhance the nicotine and its delivery to make sure you become more addicted. There are over 4000 chemicals in the average cigarette and the majority of them are extremely harmful to the body such as ammonia, even worse at least 70 of these chemicals are known carcinogens which means they can and do cause cancer.


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You will feel safer with a leading brand electronic cigarette with great Quality Control

The electronic cigarette eliminates all those chemicals and tar by safely atomizing a nicotine liquid into a vapor that’s inhaled exactly like a cigarette. It looks like you are smoking; it feels like you are smoking and it even tastes like you are smoking, but you aren’t getting any of the dangerous byproducts of smoking. When a smoker first hears this its quite unbelievable, but when they see an e-cigarette in action they are shocked and become quick converts.


The e-liquid that is atomized into a vapor has only 3 components. Nicotine (in varying strengths depending upon what you choose), propylene glycol, which has been in use in the food and cosmetics industries for over 100 years and is extremely safe for human consumption, and flavoring. These three things come together to form the e-liquid that is atomized into rich flavorful plooms of steam that looks and feel just like smoke. Just as with traditional cigarettes the vapor is inhaled deep into the lungs where the nicotine is absorbed and taken directly to the receptors in the brain.


Electronic cigarette innovations

In this day and age of technology concerning electronic cigarettes its important that you get the best and most up to date information possible and with this website we aim to do just that, give you the best electronic cigarette information available so you can make an informed decision about your rights and your health. We will bring you news on the newest in electronic cigarette innovations as well as reviews and information regarding accessories that are available. We will also be bringing you the best in how-to videos- as well as popular coupon codes for discounts on the latest and greatest electronic cigarette gear. We want to be a leader in bringing you the best information out and earning your trust in this regard is of paramount importance to us.

We strive to be fair and unbiased in our reviews of products and information and if we find a problem with a particular product or we find its just not up to our high standards you can bet we will let you know. Unlike many other products out the the electronic cigarette has made so many impressive strides so fast because the users have taken an active part in using and testing these products as well as manufacturing mod sansd working with companies to make their products even better. This give and take between the users and the manufacturers of the technology is what has made electronic cigarettes and vaping what it is today and we plan on honoring that tradition by telling it like it is and giving you the straight information so you can make informative choices in your vaping needs.


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Every word you read on this site is written by a staff member that is also a part of the vaping community and who is intimately familiar with what they are writing and the electronic cigarette culture. All reviews are written by real a user or staff member that has had experience with the products being reviewed and will give you their unbiased opinion about the performance of said products. When a staff member reviews a product we make sure its been put through the paces and if we dont think its up to standards well tell you why and even include possible alternatives or fixes offered by the manufacturer or users who have had experience with the product. We stand behind our reviews so we want oto be sure we are as thorough as possible.


Top quality pros and cons reviews

Our top metric when it comes to our reviews is Quality. Often times a manufacturer will push a great idea out to market a little early before its ready or have a product that is average at best but they are pushing it hard and in some cases paying others to talk it up. We want to let you know if what a product claims will hold up under use and do what it advertises it will. The last thing you want to do is buy into the hype of a product and then lay out your hard earned money and get something that is sub-par at best. Well make sure you are well informed so you can buy that new electronic cigarette or e-juice with confidence that it will deliver on the goods.

We don’t just look at the product but the manufacturers behind the product to give you an in depth view of what it is you are buying. Some companies have been around for a long time and have a great reputation; others may be new to the electronic cigarette market and there isnt much known about them yet. By giving you a comprehensive look at all aspects of a electronic cigarette you will be in a much better position to make a choice that is right for you.

Admonitory about product

We also give you the low down on a myriad of other factors that can influence a product from batteries and atomizers to vapor consistency, throat hit, amperage, wattage and every conceivable aspect of the product you are looking into purchasing because the more informed you are the better purchase you will make and the longer you will vape. If a product doesn’t meet our rigorous standards for whatever reasons, you can be assured that we won’t be recommending it to you. We will also compare and contrast different products so you get a better sense of which product might be better for you; it could be that one strength or weakness that we point out makes all the difference in your vaping needs.

When it comes down to it this site is all about you, what you need, what you want and what you are looking for. We want to fill that role of bringing you the best information available about electronic cigarettes brands, juices and accessories so you can make an informed decision based on facts.

No compromise with quality

Whether you are a well seasoned vapor or someone new to the electronic cigarette scene with no idea where to start you will be able to find the quality information you are looking for right here. Our staff and users have been vaping for a long time and it’s guaranteed that if we can’t answer your question one of our users can. It’s about community and helping each other find the best vape possible while helping the industry maintain the highest possible standards.


Star E-Cig Brands

Top Quality E-Cigs


Vaping is still in its infancy and the industry is growing by leaps and bounds. Even so many people are still not educated on exactly what vaping is or how it works so its also important that we can educate those new to vaping so when they are out in public and asked a question they can give reliable answers. While the FDA still hasn’t decided what to do with the electronic cigarette industry, there are many fear mongers out there that dont want electronic cigarettes in public. These people are in positions of power and can legislate electronic cigarettes if need be and in some cases they have been. The New York City council recently banned the public use of electronic cigarettes when even doctors testified that they were harmless to the public at large and especially harmless to the user. Regardless of these facts the New York City council still voted the measure through.

You can bet that part of the backlash is being fueled by the cigarette industry who has been left reeling by a product that is cutting into their bottom line. The tobacco lobby has sunk millions into disinformation campaigns about electronic cigarettes and even more millions into politicians pockets. Even so, the tobacco companies are themselves working hard to bring their own brand of electronic cigarettes to market but would you really trust any company that has been actively poisoning their faithful customers for decades? They could have brought electronic cigarettes to market decades ago in the 1960s; after all they did invent the first electronic cigarettes. They decided not to because there was more profit in pumping chemicals into their tobacco.

Electronic cigarettes future

This is what the electronic cigarette industry is up against and while the industry is growing at an accelerated rate the tobacco companies still make billions of dollars more and have lobbyists in Washington DC working hand in hand with politicians.

Vaping is the future and the future is now. Who would seriously want to fill their lungs with Tar, Carbon Monoxide, and Formaldehyde when there is a healthy alternative in the electronic cigarette? Even though there have been no long term studies on the electronic cigarette because it is so new, there are a lot of studies ongoing and nothing but good news is coming out. Every day more and more doctors are not only endorsing the use of the electronic cigarette they are decidedly saying that its time we take a hard look at how the tobacco industry is treating nicotine with ammonia to make it 100 times more addictive when they are seeing that the nicotine being vaped from electronic cigarettes is much less addictive.

If you want to keep up on the latest electronic cigarette news, products, juices, accessories and reviews then this is the place to be. We stand behind the information you see on these pages not only because we brought it to you but because we are vapers too and we are all in this together for a healthier, happier tobacco free future.”